Company Extra Competition Dances

Congratulations to the following dancers who have been chosen to participate in our extra competition dances!

Tap:  Alyssa M., Ploy R., Aria Pe., Madysen H., Lacey K., Haley C., Maria W., Reagan J.

Musical Theatre:  Angie Y., Avery B., Madysen H., Lacey K., Ploy R.

Character Jazz:  Avery B., Ploy R., Aishika D., Riley M., Madysen H., Lacey K., Bree M., Natalie R., Olivia K., Lyla E.

Contemporary:  Aishika D., Avery B., Madysen H., Ploy R., Riley M.

Lyrical 1:  Serena N., Bree M., Natalie R., Shelby K., Lyla E., Maddie G., Elizabeth W., Olivia K.

Lyrical 2:  Ploy R., Aishika D., Riley M., Neela B., Aria P., Madysen H., Avery B., Maddie G.

We are also putting together another Musical Theatre Production routine that is open to all Junior and Senior Company – if your dancer would like to participate in that, please email Ms. Melanie by Thursday, June 3rd.


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